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How Rose Quartz Yoni Wands Are Made?

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There are 5 main rose quartz sourcing sites in the world. Mainly rose quartz is found in Madagascar, India, Brazil, Germany, and several localities in the USA.

We cooperate with one trusted supplier since the foundation of Curve&Peach and our rose quartz is extracted from the land in Brazil or Madagascar - depending on available rose quartz deposits in each site. 

Batches of rose quartz are then sent to our all times trusted friend in China who owns a little factory and carves each wand with hands. Curve&Peach is a small one woman-owned business therefore we can monitor the quality of each piece 100%. 

All products are back-ordered which means that after receiving the order from the customer we give a signal to our sculptors to start carving rose quartz pleasure wands, yoni eggs, or borosilicate glass wands.

At times when we have smaller amounts of orders, we are able to stock up pieces on our shelves although rose quartz products are very popular and we are unable to stock up and take them from the shelf and ship out the same day as big brands with mass production possibility can.

Being a small business comes with few drawbacks such as shipping and production times, although we believe that we have strong advantages too such as we can offer more personal attention to each customer and charge each wand with love and good intentions because each and every product goes through the loving hands of our sculptors.

Hand carving one quartz yoni wand can take from 7 to 14 days, depending on the order amount. 

Steps of creating one Rose Quartz Dildo:

  1. Big chunks of raw rose quartz are cut into smaller blocks
  2. Prepared quartz blocks are ground into the desired shape
  3. The wand is almost ready, needs only polishing with a finer drill bit
  4. Artist checks carefully each wand under laboratory lamp for any imperfections. No sharp edges, cuffs, or cracks are tolerated.

Rose Quartz is proven to be very hard crystal, thus non-porous and perfect for intimate use due to its hygienic properties. No chemicals are used during production process. Product is 100% natural, came from mother nature, and is a perfect organic substitute for silicone or rubber sex toys!