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We help women achieve emotional and physical healing and overcome trauma associated with guilt and shame of their bodies and sexuality. 

These are not just sex toys - these are sacred love-making tools. A dildo is not a secret anymore that you have to hide in your dresser. It is a work of art, made to bring you emotional and physical healing. It is here to serve you and help discover your inner Goddess.   

Our store was launched on 7. June 2020 but the rise of Curve & Peach began a few months earlier when its founder Moona Rose had an unexpected turn in faith. On one sunny spring day, Moona was doing her corporate job from home and had a call from CEO and found out that this is her last. 

"Many of my coworkers were fired that day, it was something that we all knew would happen sooner or later because the corporation was looking for every possibility on how to cut expenses during pandemics.

It was a happy day for me, I felt relieved, free like a bird. I knew that I can do better with my life, and help others be happy and content. I drove to the seaside to celebrate this event. 

moona rose curvenpeach Curve & Peach founder rose quartz dildo spiritual adult store

One month in the new unemployed life I started to actively think of ways how to start my own business. I promised myself- Do whatever you have to do but never return back. I was working from 7 am till midnight with no days off for two months straight. I had to set up a store and prepare everything for the big launch. Keep in mind that I did not know whether it will be a success. I could not believe my eyes when I woke up to the first sales. I was shaking and calling my family to share this news. Sometimes I can't believe what Curve & Peach has achieved in less than a year. I was doing everything with my purest intentions and creating a safe place for women where they can explore, learn and heal. I am actually quite conservative myself therefore I created this aesthetic that helps women like me explore their sexuality in a way that is not intrusive. You will be owning a dildo without thinking that it is a dildo."

curvenpeach rose quartz crystal dildo yoni massage wand

In the beginning Curve & Peach was selling only a few styles of Rose Quartz yoni massage wands but I saw that women are interested in other sex toys too, therefore I expanded and started offering butt plugs, glass G spots massagers, and most recently - silicone dildos and vibrators. nevertheless, our vibe has remained the same - first of all a dildo has to be beautiful, second, it has to have an outstanding performance.  A pleasure toy has a chance to make it to our collection only if it has these two characteristics."

What is the meaning of Curve & Peach?

Curve represents the female body, feminine curves as we make products mostly for women. 

Peach represents the yoni

Peach emoji is incorrectly used by Millennials to represent an ass. It actually represents the pussy and was made relevant by Castor Troy (Fictional character played by Nicolas Cage) in Face/Off who represented it as the simile to the labia, the groove of the fruit being the space between the labial lips.

curvenpeach Curve&Peach Nicolas Cage Face Off I could eat peach for hours

Calling Curve & Peach a sex shop does not sit right with me. Our products are pure and liberating, they are free from labels and free from prejudice. I feel that words like sex shop and sex toy have negative baggage therefore I usually refrain from using them. In one word @curvenpeach is a Spiritual Adult Store. We are a group of spiritual women who strive for a better quality of life. And the key to living our best lives is being happy. Happiness comes from within therefore we have to do our shadow work, we have to heal and accept our past and learn to love our selves, accept our bodies and bodily needs. Many of us including myself have grown up feeling ashamed of our body and guilty for wanting to feel pleasure. We are here to break these chains and express ourselves in all directions.

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